One of my hobbies

It's not my main work, but my hobby, or obsession!. I like to repair, restore and play electronic and Theatre pipe organs.

Here I am playing my Technics organ & keyboards at Jacques Cafe in the Battlefield Inn (Playing a song from one of my many "fake" books!)

Examples below: Played on the Technics SX-C700 a slightly larger version of the SX-C600 which quit!
(it needs a TGM module...anyone have one, or a junk SX E66 so I can fix it?)
BTW, the other keyboards are a Yamaha PF-80 piano and an Alesis QS 6.1 (I play the Yamaha but use the sounds from the Alesis.)

Here's me at "Big Bertha" at the Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL. (Am I really playing it? There are no stops down!)

Here I am at the St. Louis Fox

Here is my Rodgers Trio 321 with the Rodgers Leslie cabinet on the left. There's an Alesis "Nanoverb" on top.

WoW! Here is my "new" Allen MDS317

Yes, I do have a Hammond. Here's my T262 Spinet
Well, I sold it!...but I do have a Hammond "clone" (Roland VK-77)

And a Hammond-Suzuki XE-1 with an XLK-1 (same as the XE-2) w/XPK-200 (20-note) Pedal Board

Sorry, no pictures of my "new" X-66 yet...coming soon?
Oops! I sold it too!

Recent HAS (Hammond Acquisition Syndrome) activity has yielded a CV with a (WoW!) JR-20 cabinet!
(no pix yet)